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We believe every child has the right to come to school happy and spend a pleasant day learning and playing without being interrupted or hassled. We have a no tolerance policy to bullying. We actively promote kind and considerate behaviour. So, if your child is not happy - let us know, and if your child is responsible for hassling or interrupting others’ learning, your support is expected to resolve the issue.


Our students have the right:

To work, learn and play in a safe, friendly and helpful school.

Our teachers have the right:

To teach in a safe, friendly and satisfying school which is supported by the local community.

The parents of our school have the right:

To know that their students work, learn and play safe, friendly and helpful school.

Our students can expect                                                               

  • To be happy
  • To be spoken in a friendly way
  • To know their property is safe
  • To know they will not get hurt
  • To have a classroom quiet enough to work in

Our students need

  • To be friendly
  • To speak to others in a polite way
  • To respect other peoples property
  • To ensure they don’t hurt anyone
  • To behave sensibly in the classroom