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Our Board of Trustees is very clear in the direction our school should take - we concentrate heavily on Literacy and Numeracy and balance this with strong Health, Cultural, Arts and Sports programmes.  Running alongside this is a concentration on personal and social skills. This is the essence of our school.

We are a multicultural school and proud of it.  We believe that education should reflect our multicultural society.  We celebrate our diversity, and the children are encouraged to stand up and be proud of their backgrounds.

We care about our children - each and every one of them.  We focus on the positive, and we help children through difficult times.  There are extensive reward systems in place to recognise appropriate behaviour, and we don't shy away from students having to take responsibility for any negative behaviour.

 Our school has an excellent reputation both within the local community and in the educational community.  Because of our reputation, we are able to attract high quality staff and we see this as one of the major strengths of our school.

Rata Street is a large school bringing in between 40 and 50 New Entrants a year and ending the year with around 400 pupils.  Under present systems, this gives us a considerable funding advantage as we have good economies of scale.  Hence we are resource rich and we aim to provide low class sizes.

Rata Street School has a philosophy of constant improvement.  We don’t just want to get it right, we want to get better and better.  We welcome parental feedback and suggestions.

Where you can go for independent information about our school?

- Like any service, one of your best sources of information is from other parents - talk to present parents

- The Education Review Office are an independent review organisation.  Their reports on our school are available online www.ero.govt.nz

- You are welcome to visit and be shown around the school.