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We wish to make the transition to school as easy as possible for you and your child. 
At Rata Street School, we believe that establishing quality relationships and instilling a sense of place and belonging are key factors for a successful transition to school.We believe that the best way for your child to embark on this journey successfully is through our three staged transition to school process.  We call this process ‘Ready. Set. Go!’ 

Our Readiness for School Programme is the “Ready” stage of this process.  Children can start attending Readiness for School right from their fourth birthday.  These sessions run each Wednesday from 9.00-11.00am and families are welcome to stay and join us during these sessions if you would like to.  The sessions are run by our Assistant Principal, Louise Thomson, who plans a session all around getting your child ‘ready for school’.  The children get to learn about school with other four year olds before being in their actual classroom.   Children who have been through our Readiness for School Programme often settle better and know what is expected of them in a classroom, taking away some of their anxiety and making transition to school successful.  We are also able to offer a drop off service back to local childcare providers after these sessions, if needed.

Please contact our Assistant Principal, Louise Thomson, to book in for Readiness for School.

Classroom visits are the “Set” stage of our transition process.  On three Fridays before your child’s fifth birthday they are able to come for a school visit.  Your child will spend the morning in the classroom that they will start school in.  They will get to meet their teacher and classmates and begin to establish relationships.  They will already know some faces from Readiness for School, which will help make this transition smooth.

These visits increase in length each week to help build up your child’s time in a classroom before coming to school for full days.  Parents are welcome to stay for the first visit, but we recommend letting them practice being at school without you after this, even if it is for a short period each visit.  During these three visits, you will have many opportunities to meet with the Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers and support staff and to ask any questions you may have.

Visit 1                8.50-10.35am (includes morning tea/playtime)

Visit 2                8.50-11.50am (includes morning tea/playtime and fruit break) 

Visit 3                8.50-12.50pm (includes morning tea/playtime and fruit break)

Our Assistant Principal, Louise Thomson, also arranges the dates and times for these visit.  Please contact her to organize your child’s visits.

On the first of your child’s classroom visits please come to the office with your child’s birth certificate and their immunisation certificate to complete the formal enrolment. The enrolment is carried out first by the Administration Manager and then parents and child meet the Principal.

Starting School
Starting school is the “Go!” stage of our transition process.  Your child can start school on his/her 5th birthday. Arrive at school on the first day at 8.30a.m. and go to the Office. If not already completed, enrolment details will be finalised. You and your child will then be shown to the classroom to greet your child’s teacher and the other children. You are welcome to stay while your child settles into their first day of school.

Ready Set Go Pamphlet
Ready. Set. Go! Pamphlet